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Adds ability to design and print identification cards.



  • Generate id numbers
    • By default, feature is enabled. Hide this feature by toggling the setting (formerly  global property from platform 1.8 downwards): idcards.enableIdentifierGeneration = false.
    • Allows an admin to create a list of numbers to be used when printing "empty id cards".
    • Page options:
      • Start value: The first number to start with
      • Size: The number of identifiers to generate
    • Requires privilege "Pre-Generate Random Patient Identifiers"
  • Print Empty Id Cards
    • This page has two sections that can be enabled. The first section is enabled by default, and allows for new cards to be printed from identifiers generated by the module. The next section is not enabled by default, and allows for cards to be printed from identifiers uploaded from file.
    • if idcards.enableIdentifierGeneration = true
      • Allows a user to put generated identifiers onto cards without putting names onto them. This is useful when cards will be distributed to remote locations.
      • Page Options:
        • Number: The total number of cards to print
        • Id numbers
          • None – all identifiers printed will be zeros
          • Pregenerated – numbers will be taken from identifiers that were created with the 'Generate id numbers' page
          • Range – Random identifiers taken from within the range defined in the global properties (see below)
        • The template with which to print the id cards (Only templates with type of "Print New Identifiers" or "Blank" or "" will be listed here)
        • A password that the output pdf will be encrypted with (used to try to prevent duplicate printing of the pdf files)
      • Requires "Print Id Cards" privilege
    • If idcards.enablePrintingUploadedIdentifiers = true;
      • Specify a file of identifiers (one identifier per line).
      • Specify a password as above
  • Reprint Id Cards
    • Allows a user to print cards for patients' current identifier
    • Requires the "Reprint Id Cards" privilege
  • Manage Templates
    • Allows an admin to edit what the cards look like
    • Requires the "Manage Id Card Templates" privilege