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The idgen module provides a facility for managing identifier generation and allocation within an OpenMRS implementation. Below is an overview of the primary components and how they are meant to be used.


There is a new module underway called idgenws.  This module exposes a rest url on the server running idgen that allows for remote sites to ping the server to get a new identifier.  This is a WIP, please see TRUNK-345


Release Notes

Version 2.2 and above


Make sure the global properties value of use_patient_attribute.tribe is set to false.


You've created an identifier type and an identifier source.  You create or edit the patient and attempt to add a new identifier. The new identifier type appears in the dropdown list, but there's no checkbox to auto-generate it.


Confirm that you enabled auto-generation. See the "Auto Generation Configuration" section of this page.

The long edit patient form doesn't currently have a checkbox. Use the short patient edit form to add the new identifier.


You've created an identifier type and enabled automatic generation. When you add the new identifier to a patient, the "generate" checkbox appears but nothing happens when you click it. The Identifier field remains blank. When you save, there's an error message that patients must have at least one identifier.