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Where is the source code?

Most OpenMRS-related source code can be found on GitHub:

If you are looking for an OpenMRS application or module, you will want to visit the download page or the OpenMRS module repositoryAdd-ons index.


On this page:

Table of Contents

Anonymous Read-Only Access

Anyone can browse the source code online with a browser. For example, you can browser code at

To check out a local copy of the code using git:

Code Block
git clone

See Using Git for more information.

Read/Write Git Access

To submit changes to a repository, we recommend following GitHub conventions of forking the repository and submitting a pull request.  Push access to a repository is managed by the owner of the repository. For repositories under individual user accounts within GitHub, you can request access rights from that user. For repositories within the OpenMRS organization on GitHub, developers who are /dev/3 or above already have push privileges but are expected only to push to repositories when appropriate per our GitHub Conventions.

Creating a new module or project

Developers are encouraged to publish their OpenMRS-related work with an OSI-approved license under their account on GitHub.  Community-developed modules and projects may request a project within the JIRA Issue Tracking System.

Using your personal repository on GitHub

  1. Create a new repo:
  2. Name the project using our naming conventions for easier searching/finding of projects across GitHub repositories.
    1. Modules: "openmrs-module-yournewmoduleid" 
    2. Contributions: "openmrs-contrib-uniquename"
  3. Start using it immediately!

Requesting to store it in the OpenMRS organization on GitHub:

When multiple developers across multiple organizations are sharing a repository, it may be easier to host it under the OpenMRS organization on GitHub. If a repository needs to move under the OpenMRS organization in GitHub, please post this request to the Repository Management category on OpenMRS Talk.

See GitHub Code of Conduct > Hosting a module under the OpenMRS organization.

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