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The HTML Form Entry UI module provides integration between HTML Form Entry and the UI Framework, allowing forms to be rendered in with the OpenMRS 2.0 style.


For instance, say you have three versions of "myForm", versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0, where 3.0 is the "current" version of the form.   You could name them like this:

<htmlform formUuid="9c180d22-7ef6-49e4-8e52-ff314e218451"
formName="My Form V1.0" formVersion="1.0">
<htmlform formUuid="60efebcc-a4ff-4459-9754-1eaeafc4dc24"
formName="M Form V2.0" formVersion="2.0">

<htmlform formUuid="d2cee145-0b53-4588-9836-dadafa122a8e"
formName="My Form V3.0" formVersion="3.0">

Then if you load a form via "file:pih/htmlforms/myForm.xml" and there's a encounter within the context, HFE will look to see if the encounter has a certain form version associated with it, and then will look for a file appended with that version.  If no matching file is found, the default filename, "myform.xml", will be used.


In the future, for example, if you were going to create a new "4.0" version of the form, you'd rename myform.xml → myform_v.3.0.xml and create a new myform.xml (setting a new random formUuid) with the new version 4.0 of the form.