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GET /ws/rest/v1/form/{parentUuid}/resouceresource/{uuid}

Fetch by unique uuid

GET /ws/rest/v1/form/{parentUuid}/resouceresource

Fetch all non-retired

POST /ws/rest/v1/form/{parentUuid}/resouceresource

Create with properties in request

POST /ws/rest/v1/form/{parentUuid}/resouceresource/{uuid}

Edit with given uuid, only modifying properties in request

POST /ws/rest/v1/form/{parentUuid}/resouceresource/{uuid}/valueEdit the value associated with this file stored in clob_data_type_storage (Essentially upload a file using multipart/formdata Content-Type)

DELETE /ws/rest/v1/form/{parentUuid}/resouceresource/{uuid}?!purge

Retire/Void this object

DELETE /ws/rest/v1/form/{parentUuid}/resouceresource/{uuid}?purge

Delete this object from the database