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Comment: Added missing explanation on how to add or override existing widgets

Featured add: 2.6

This page provides documentation of widgets that can be added to the patient dashboard. To add or modify go to System administration → Manage apps.

If you want to override the behavior of existing one, make sure to use the exact appId of the existing one in all places ( app ID input and json config)

If you want to create a new one based on one of the following examples, make sure you use a different appID in all places

Table of Contents


keyrequireddefaultvaluesdescriptionminimum version
Comma delimited list of Concept numeric id, uuid, or mapping* Provides the concepts whose most recent obs  or group observations are returned are returned.
* If the concept has no value it is returned with no value
* Text showing how recent the obs is, today, yesterday, n days/months/years ago in smaller italic text whose title is the actual obs date

  • FSN
  • shortName
  • preferred
Specifes the preferred format for displaying both the concept and any value-coded concepts. The values correspond to "FULLY_SPECIFIED", "SHORT", and locale_preferred = true, respectively.
Numeric integer with a suffix for example:
*1d – 1 day
*2w – 2 weeks
*4m – 4 months from the current date
The maximum age of most recent obs for each of the items in the concept list
  • FSN
  • shortName
  • none

May be used when obs grouping concept uuid(s) are used in the concept key.
Specifies the format in which to display obs group member prefixes, FSN, shortName, none. The prefixes to display refer to either Fully Specified Name, Short Name of the underlying member concept or No prefix respectively.

nLatestObsoptional1Numeric integerSpecifies the number of latest non voided observations for a/each concept specified in the concepts key.


keyrequireddefaultdescriptionminimum version
Specifies whether to display date of medication dispensation.
URL to redirect the user to  the user to a drug orders management page. NB. {{patientUuid}} in the url is replaced by the patient's uuid. To use the Order Entry OWA for drug order management, the url in the example below can be used to access the app. The Order Entry OWA can be installed as detailed in the installation guide.
returnUrloptional/openmrs/coreapps/clinicianfacing/{{patientUuid}}Specifies the return url when leaving the order entry ui. NB. {{patientUuid}} in the url is replaced by the patient's uuid.


  • obsgroup table
    • Similar to the obsaccrossencounters but for obsgroups.  Should allow for multiple obs within an obsgroup.
    • Use case:  A list of medications dispensed with encounter date, medication name, and frequency
  • Graphs
    • Graphs with log scale
      • Use case:  Viral load scale could vary from non-detectable to 10,000.  It would be helpful to graph.
    • Multiple variable graphs
      • Use case:  Graph 2 or more variables (concepts) on the same graph.  Use for weight and height.
    • BMI graph
      • Use case:  Based on weight and height, graph weight and calculated BMI on a single graph.