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  1. Where is the asynchronous code review application?
  2. What should I do if I find something wrong during a personal or asynchronous code review?
    1. Assuming that this review is happening in Github, add a comment to the review at that line.
    2. We need to make sure that this is a constructive process. The reviewer should not slam or even poke fun at the developer. Code reviews are meant to be both constructive and instructive. Not all of us have the same level of understanding of the code, so please be kind. In addition, the developer should not be defensive about his/her code. If the developer disagrees with the reviewer (which is totally reasonable), that developer should state their case and ask other developers for their opinion.
    3. Clarify it. Send an email to the developer asking for clarification
  3. How do I request a code review?
    1. Go to the ticket on the JIRA board, click on request review, and Add the link to your pull request in the description section. Make sure you have claimed the issue first before you can do this. Set the status of the ticket to "Code Review (Pre-Commit)". (A ticket that's ready for work must be assigned to you first, so first make sure you click "Claim Ticket" to assign it to yourself.)
  4. What types of issues are we looking to capture during code review?
    1. See the Code Review Checklist.
  5. How much code should be reviewed in a single code review session?
    1. Ideally, less than 90 minutes without a break and less than 300 lines of code in one sitting