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  • Owais Hussain

  • Rabbia Hassan

  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Imran Arif
  • Wyclif Luyima


  • Discuss possible solutions to allow OpenMRS implementations to manage generic (non-patient) data

Discussion items

  • OpenMRS is strictly patient-centric
  • Options to capture user or facility related data are limited
  • Person/Provider/Location attributes cannot be used in every case
  1. In a community focused implementation, users are required to mark attendance every day with GPS coordinates of their visiting facility
  2. Field monitors are required to fill Facility performance scores
  3. Screening of walk-ins in a facility without capturing names or assigning identifiers

A possible solution would be to add two tables user_form and user_obs and replicate the same functionality offered by encounters and observations, while use existing concept dictionary and other metadata:

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SolutionDariusIt will be too much work to replicate the encounter - obs model (which is for patients) to fit the generic_form - obs. Better approach will be following SOA and integrate existing tools like ODK, Commcare and Kobotools with OpenMRST
SolutionDanielAlternatively, looking into existing work done by the community, for example Facility Data module
. And
or OpenSRP Cohort module, and enhance it to fit more general needs

Action items

  •  Owais Hussain will explore possible solutions and list pros and cons of each
  •  Share the complete list of pros and cons on OpenMRS Talk before starting development