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Internships: GSoC 2018
  • One week to let Google know requested number of slots
  • Need mentors to review final proposals - Dan has communicated this
  • Wednesday to hold call to talk about any conflicts (10am EDT)
Internships: Rails Girls Summer of CodeDaniel Kayiwa
  • Daniel not on call

Internships: Andela

Daniel Kayiwa
  • Progress on Andela spreadsheet
SolDevelo and OCL

OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8
  • Design discussion today after this call
OpenMRS Platform 2.2
  • Samuel finishing up exams should be available after first week of April
Sync 2.0
  • MVP comprises Patient, Encounter (visits & encounters), and Observation
  • Given Tomasz Mueller what he needs - Darius will follow up to make sure he is set

Sprint: Getting people to Platform 2.X

Darius Jazayeri
  • Darius is proposing a sprint to help people upgrade to Platform 2.x (Mozambique tried to upgrade to Platform 2.x, but was blocked for various reasons)
  • Talk post
Scrum of Scrums
Project Activities Spreadsheet

Action items

  •  Jamie Thomas will reach out to Jonathan about joining these calls once a month or giving Jamie updates.