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Release date: February, 14th 2023


New features with bundled modules

Community Input

Special thanks goes to everyone that has contributed greatly to this particular version of platform. Thanks Daniel Kayiwa Ian Bacher Mike Seaton Burke Mamlin  for the technical guidance , platform team talk, design and business analysis,  development and other aspects involved in ensuring this version introduces new features and fixes to the prior versions released. 

Goes without saying, thanks to the whole OpenMRS community and the various developers who worked on the various tickets to be included in this release Ian Bacher  Christopher Miiro   Himabindu Akkinepalli Mike Seaton   Namanya Abert Saurabh Nigam   Wikum Weerakutti raff kimote Hillary  Joshua Nsereko Mark Goodrich  Testers from the QA Team for automating Some tests Sharif Magembe Kakumirizi DaudChristine Gichuki Irene Nyakate  Juliet Wamalwa and the Entire QA Team , Grace Potma for interfacing with MFE squad , Ian Bacher   Piotr Mankowski  from the Fhir squad.

Bundled Modules

  • REST Web Services v2.38.0
  • OWA v1.14.0
  • FHIR2 v1.8.0

Bundled OWAs

  • Add-on Manager

How to download and install



Recommended for new people exploring OpenMRS. A self-contained ZIP archive that includes an embedded database and application server, as well as demo data for 5,000 sample patients. Expand the ZIP archive and run the .jar file to start the OpenMRS Platform.

Username: admin

Password: test

Platform WAR package installer

Intended for more advanced users. Our Platform installation, which requires an existing installed Java servlet container such as Apache Tomcat and an existing installed database
such as MySQL. Separate demo data is available for download from Demo Data.


The following instructions are basic and should be adapted to your own installation of the OpenMRS Platform, depending on your system and usage needs.

New installation of OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0

  • Install Apache Tomcat.
  • Install MySQL.
  • Put openmrs.war into <tomcathome>/webapps. Notice that the war file exceeds 50MB which is the default maximum war file size accepted by tomcat and therefore you may have to look into exceeding-50mbs-configured-for-tomcat/861 to solve the error you may get while uploading it into tomcat
  • Visit http://localhost:8080/openmrs and run the installation wizard.
  • Also see for more information.

Upgrading to OpenMRS Platform 2.6.0

  • Stop all modules currently running in your OpenMRS Platform instance.
  • Backup your database.
  • Undeploy your current OpenMRS Platform using the Tomcat manager page or other method of your choice.
  • Deploy the new version of openmrs.war you have downloaded.
  • Restart Tomcat.
  • Browse to your previous OpenMRS Platform instance URL and approve/run the database updates.
  • Check for and install updates to your modules using the Administration section.
  • Also see Also see for more information.