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In Attendance


  • Quickly review previous meeting minutes (5 min)
  • De-duplication - led by Shaun Grannis (45 min)
  • Review infrastructure plans
    • Can we make builds more reliable?
    • Moving things to OSUOSL
  • Naming a 1.9 release manager - (5 min)
  • After-action review & next week's agenda (5 min)


  • User Interface
    • Avoid horizontal scrolling (UI anti-pattern) – PTM-29
    • Either lighten (grey) ignored fields or bold those that are used – PTM-30
    • Show groups visually instead of just with group numbers – PTM-31 
      • Consider using CSS to class first-in-group & last-in-group rows in the display of matches, then replacing the horizontal line separator with a soft background image (light grey or very light blue) that has rounded top corners & space above for first-in-group, rounded bottom corners & space below for last-in-group, and is a background for other rows.  This would create the illusion of rounded panels around each group
    • Show "stack" of patients on right during merge when there's more than two in group – i.e., visually indicate when I need to use prev/next buttons – PTM-32
    • Instead of highlighting voided patient in red, make them light grey and/or apply strikethru – PTM-33
    • Show strategy used for each report (i.e. strategies column in list of previously run reports) – PTM-34
  • Suggested enhancements
    • Allow user to create custom fields (e.g., name in all capitals, address passed through my FooBar function, etc.). Custom fields could be provided by other modules. – PTM-35
    • Provide a "select all in group" or – perhaps better – check all by default or make merge button assume all in group if none checked – PTM-36


|F|M|F|1295539861996|          |michael|Wyclif will work on notification for module developers about changes in 1.8.|
|F|M|F|1295539826416|          |jeremy|Jeremy will send out information about design changes for the Data Integrity module.|