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26 August 2010

In Attendance



Monthly ?Technical Road MapRoadmap Review

1.7 testing

  • Some installation delays at AMPATH.
  • ?Unlicensed user Jeremy Keiper is headed to Kenya and will help them with 1.7 installation this week end and testing over the next week.
  • Still on track for release around end of the month.


  • As of today, 46 tickets are still open.
  • Tentative alpha date is about 1 month from now (approx 1 October) and a potential release in 8 weeks.
  • TODO: ?Unlicensed user Wyclif Luyima needs to determine what is in and what is out as release manager, and select some minor tickets for inclusion in 1.8. There are also a few tickets that need priority assigned (they are currently TBD).
  • TODO: ?Unlicensed user Burke Mamlin will update ?Technical Road Map Roadmap Planning and ?Release Process to describe the process for inclusion of minor tickets in releases.
  • TODO: ?Unlicensed Former user (Deleted) will document how tickets were selected for 1.7 release.
  • The hackathon was productive both from issues worked and guidance about Maven changes.



  • Darius is the presumptive release manager for 2.0.
  • Post-implementer meeting, Darius will complete the selection of UI frameworks and set up a project with said framework, infrastructure, etc.
  • He has been working with an intern on ??OpenMRS 2.0 User Interface Redesign but those designs are still very early and incomplete.
  • A course at IU School of Informatics is doing a usability evaluation and user testing of 1.7 this semester which should produce design recommendations.
  • ?Unlicensed user Glen McCallum suggested the need for a UI guidelines document for both core & module developers.
  • Discussion about how to define page fragments that users/administrators can manipulate in v2.0