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  • Cohort Report Designer Branch
    • Version File Upload and Report Template Modules
  • OCC and Concept Map
  • Logic-a-thon
    • Preparation of material for pre-logic-a-thon.
  • Comparing continuous integration system like Hudson to CruiseControl.
    1. What does OpenMRS want in funtionality?
    2. Prepare a comparison of features relevant to OpenMRS
    • We are using CruiseControl.
    • Atlassian offers Bamboo.
    • Sunbiz, everyone liked your suggestion. Could you please prepare a comparison for us as relates to needs of OpenMRS?
  • Road Map
    • Add status next to items.
  • Internships
  • Burke acquired a wildcard OpenMRS ssl certificate.
  • Wanting Skin for OpenMRS website with new logo. Any volunteers out there? (smile)