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titleEbola Demo

You can see a demo of our final code.

Tablet UI for use in the Red Zone: (Note: resize your browser to simulate a tablet in portrait mode)

Username: (not needed)
/Password:   (not needed)

Standard UI for Desktop/Laptop use in the Green Zone: (Note: you need to manually Log Out of the tablet app before going to this one)

Username : admin
Password: Admin123/ Password: doctor / Doctor123
Username / Password: nurse / Nurse123
Username / Password: pharmacist / Pharmacist123


OpenMRS resources 


To coordinate the ebola response by the OpenMRS community, these are various areas with pertinent information: 


Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) or Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC)


Save the ChildrenThis project is to harness the community, and the power of the existing OpenMRS platform, to build a customized OpenMRS distribution for managing an Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU) or Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC).  An ETU and ETC have the same exact description, but ETU is the term used in Liberia and ETC is the term used in Sierra Leone.