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The purpose of this project is to expand upon the OpenMRS FHIR module so that it can consume a subset of FHIR resources and persist them in the OpenMRS database.


  • Identify the best approach to create and update OpenMRS objects using the OpenMRS FHIR module to consume FHIR resources.
  • Build support for the FHIR module to accept a subset of FHIR resources sent from third party applications. At minimum, the student should complete support for FHIR patient, practitioner, Observation, location, AllergyIntolerance and encounter resources.Create or update existing data elements in the OpenMRS database in response to these requests
  • Support (a) creation (b) conditional creation (c) update (d) conditional updates of FHIR resources
  • Forward an acknowledgement message to third party applications once the transaction is completed


  • Build an audit mechanism to track transactions and their outcome
  • Identify and implement support for additional FHIR resources
  • Add security features to manage transactions