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Here is the module page

Primary mentor

Burke Mamlin

Backup mentor

Wyclif Luyima

Assigned to

Tharunya Pati


Through OpenMRS 1.9, the user interface for OpenMRS got little attention. The majority of the user interface comprised administrative functions and a tabbed patient dashboard. As of OpenMRS 2.0, a new and more contemporary UI was introduced via a UI framework and the legacy UI was kept around for administrative functions that were not yet implemented in the new UI. While we plan to retire the legacy UI by the end of the summer 2015, there are many implementations and modules that still rely on it. In order to maintain backwards compatibility, we want to move the legacy UI functions into a module that these implementations can install until they are able to migrate away from it. Since most of the implementations of OpenMRS around the world are running OpenMRS 1.9, there will be dozens (if not hundreds) of implementations around the world thankful for this module.

Here is the module page


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