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  • - The logical identifier of the Task resource
  • DiagnosticReport.status - The status of the DiagnosticReport. The OpenMRS implementation currently supports preliminary, final, amended, canceled, and unknown states. 
  • DiagnosticReport.code - The LOINC code that describes this report.
  • DiagnosticReport.category - for the purposes of this initial request, this value will always have the value "LAB" using the system "".
  • DiagnosticReport.encounter - a Reference the encounter this diagnostic report is part of.
  • DiagnosticReport.subject - a Reference to the appropriate Patient resource.
  • DiagnosticReport.issued - The date and time this report was made available to Providers.
  • DiagnosticReport.result - A collection of Reference to the Observations that hold the results associated with this diagnostic report. 


* Obs.status is not available for OpenMRS platforms < 2.1.0, and there is currently no mapping for DiagnosticReport.status in lower OpenMRS version. The Lab Integration Workflow is targeting OpenMRS 2.0.5, and will not be using this mapping initially.


Available RESTful Endpoints

Note: placeholder "{release}" below must be replaced by the FHIR Release - currently "R3" and "R4" are implemented. See more on the  FHIR Release support  page.




GET/ws/fhir2/{release}/DiagnosticReport/{uuid}Above request will fetch the DiagnosticReport for the given unique uuid.