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May 23 – June 08( ~ 3 weeks)

Read Patient Flags documentation and RefApp and UI commons dev documentation

Read REST API documentation and references

Discuss with developers on implementation specifics and further clarifications on implementing the Patient Flags module enhancements

Port Module to Platform 2.0Participated in the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, gave an Ignite talk on GSoC in Cameroon

Planned with Jan and Pascal on Implementing REST API

Looked at eSaude REST repo

June 09 – June 22( 2 weeks)

Add new custom flags for Patient flags module

Add some display points

creating of the REST API skeleton for Patient flags module

Addition of Ported eSaude REST repo to Patient Flags module

Made Preliminary fixes to Pull Request

Refactored repo files to suit Patient Flags module.

Addied dependencies to relevant pom.xml files

June 20 – July 27( 1 week)

Testing and debuggingDockerCon travel and met Jan in Seattle.

Testing of REST API

Mid-term evaluation

June 28 – July 18 ( 3 weeks)

Finish Adding Get feedback from OpenMRS community on proposed Patient Flags enhancements.

Debug issue reported by Edwin on OpenMRS 1.9.7

Add display points and custom flags


Add LocationController to house rest support REST URLs, support for Manage  Manage Tags, Manage Priorities

Testing and debugging


Documentation and testing


  1. Patient Flags Module
  2. Adding a Web Service Step by Step Guide for Module Developers
  3. Patient Flags REST Module (to be incorporated)