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The OpenInfobutton project is an initiative that has been historically led by the United States Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and the University of Utah, and developed by an independent open source community that included members of the VHA, University of Utah and other contributors. OpenInfobutton has been certified through a rigorous process conducted by the Open Source Electronic Health Record Alliance (OSEHRA) community.  Multiple health IT vendors have incorporated info button into their HIT systems; many clinical systems have incorporated info buttons into their clinical/ health care team workflow after the incorporation within the HIT system.. There is a current endorsed HL7 infobutton standard for linking clinical information systems to infobutton managers and for linking infobutton managers to electronic knowledge resources.

In order to properly use an infobutton manager, we need to have a clear understanding of your OpenMRS users’ information needs, know what resources are available to your institution organizations for resolving those needs, understand how to automatically link to those resources, and identify the terminologies used in your system organizational systems that can help with automating information retrieval.  

 We hope to determine the best way that Openinfobuttons can support OpenMRS needs, and develop initial plans for integration into OpenMRS.