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There is an existing OWA(Open Web App) module called built-in reports for reference application distribution. This module was implemented to provide more statistical information with more meaningful ways. It has used charts and other graphs to demonstrate some information to the users. We can see there is a big potential in this module as it can be used to give more analytical information about the entire system level data. Module has been implemented with the help of OpenMRS reporting module and OpenMRS REST API module. Currently there are 10 reports already implemented. We expect more reports to be available which are crucial for administrative decisions within a clinical environment.

E.g. listing all patients seen today, broken down by demographics, place of origin (based on address), encounter types, encounter locations, diagnoses, etc.  

When working on this project, you will get a chance to develop the whole web stack and get a good grasp of back-end and front-end technologies. Your work will be included in Reference Application, which is deployed in hundreds of facilities around the world! 

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Skills Needed


  • Implement warnings for metrics meeting customization conditions, e.g. increased number of a certain diagnosis in a defined period, increased number of dispensed drugs, too many patients being admitted for available personnel, etc.
  • Add more live updating results

  • Add more widgets into the existing reports