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  • ServiceRequest.status
  • ServiceRequest.intentWhether the request is a proposal, plan, an original order or a reflex order.
  • ServiceRequest.code - A code that identifies a particular service (i.e., procedure, diagnostic investigation, or panel of investigations) that have been requested.
  • ServiceRequest.subject - On whom or what the service is to be performed. 
  • ServiceRequest.requester - The individual who initiated the request and has responsibility for its activation.
  • ServiceRequest.performer - The desired performer for doing the requested service.
  • ServiceRequest.occurrence - The date/time at which the requested service should occur.


Available RESTful web services for the ServiceRequest resource supported by the OpenMRS FHIR API

Note: placeholder "{release}" below must be replaced by the FHIR Release - currently only "R4" is implemented. See more on the  FHIR Release support  page.


/ws/fhir2/R4{release}/ServiceRequest/{uuid}Above request will fetch the ServiceRequest for the given unique uuid.