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  • We need to think about how the "add drug to dispensing details" will work.  As described on a previous page, in the OpenMRS data model, only a single drug/orderable is allowed per order/prescription.   If we keep that model, I would see two use cases for adding a drug:
    • A substitution is made, and two drugs are substituted for the original order
    • Refills (or would this be handled by a different path?)
  • For the "Internal comments" question, there is a "note" property on Medication Dispense, which would seem to be an ideal place store this.  However, this is tied directly to the particular Medication Dispense event, the UI suggests we might want it to be a separate entity?  Is this true?  If so, is this Phase 1?
  • Might want to think about how dispensing a refill fits into this?