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Primary mentor

Jayasanka Weerasinghe                               

Backup mentor

Assigned to

Pasindu Rupasinghe 


  • Automated software testing
  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Containerized applications
  • Single-page applications and Micro-frontend architecture

Project Rating and length


  • To improve developer engagement
  • To improve the reliability of tests
  • Extend test cases

Apart from that, we do need to achieve the following as well


Detailed Project Report

The automated testing tool for OpenMRS 3 is a major aspect of the quality assurance team of OpenMRS. With the project, the aim is to improve the 3.x end-to-end testing framework. With the project, the following features will be implemented for the 3.x E2E testing tool.

  1. Improving the reliability of tests.
    1. Localize the test environment.
    2. Implement functionality to avoid data mutations.
    3. Fix the existing failing test cases.
    4. Integrate test results with the QA dashboard.
    5. Extend the test scenarios.
  2. Improve developer engagement.
    1. Document the setup of the local instance test environment.
    2. Get QA developers more engaged with the testing tool.
    3. Improve documentation for the 3.x automates automated testing tool.
  3. Extend test cases.
    1. Design new test cases for OpenMRS 3
    2. Write new test cases.

Explanation of the objectives.

  • Localize the test environment
    • Migrate the testing environment from cloud instance to docker environment.
  • Implement functionality to avoid data mutations
    • Use a script to run MySQL commands to make a dump of the database and restore it before each test scenario.

  • Fix existing failing test scenarios
    1. Login
    2. Patient registrationRegistration
    3. User settings
    4. Clinical visit

    5. Vitals and triage

    6. Patient search

  • Integrate test results with the QA dashboard.
    • Setup Set up a CI/CD pipeline to integrate test results with the QA dashboard.

  • Extend the test scenarios
    • Design new test scenarios and write new test cases for the O3 components.

  • Improve documentation for the 3.x automates testing tool
    • Document the setup guidelines for the local test environment.
    • Update the wiki pages with the latest details.


Weekly report document - Link
Blog posts - pasindur2@medium

Final Presentation

Widget Connector


OpenMRS 3.0: A Frontend Framework that enables collaboration and better User Experience

OpenMRS 3.0 Micro Frontend Demo Page