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The React Forms Form Engine (RFE) is a React based library that renders JSON forms based on the JSON form schema initially developed by AMPATH. The RFE is built based on the Carbon Design system and uses the same schema as the Angular Forms Builderallows users to build and render forms for use in O3. These form schemas are written in JSON and conform to the O3 standard schema spec. The React Form Engine was originally inspired by the Angular Form Engine and work is ongoing to ensure feature parity between the two libraries.

The O3 reference application ships an embedded Form Builder that users can leverage to build forms interactively, using the interactive schema builder, or by writing JSON code into the embedded schema editor. Users can then render their forms within the Form Builder to get a feel of how they would look and feel in their system. Once satisfied that the forms work as they please, they can publish their schemas, which makes them available via the Clinical Forms dashboard in the Patient Chart. Users can then launch their published forms and fill them in to collect data.

The React Form Engine is a library that can be consumed by any frontend module that needs to render forms. Currently, it’s used in the O3 form engine app, which is a wrapper around the library in the Patient Chart, and the O3 form builder, which is a standalone frontend module in the O3 reference application used for creating, editing and managing form schemas.

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