How-To Make an OpenMRS Screencast

Software to Record a Screencast

  • Linux
    • gtk-recordmydesktop
  • Windows
    • BB Flashback
  • Multi-platform, web-based
    • Screencast-o-Matic
      • This is limited to 15 minute screencasts, and it failed to save the video I just recorded, so I'm recommending against it. -DJ

Sites to Upload Screencasts

Suggested Settings for Screencasts

  • 1280x768 screen resolution
  • 500kb or greater bitrate
  • Shorter screencasts are better than longer ones

Embedding Screencasts

  • (link to how-to link to flash widget)

Step by Step to Record a Screencast

Before starting, make sure that ...

  • You have installed screencast software on your machine.
  • You have created an account on (or have 'openmrs' credentials).
  • You have chosen a specific feature or topic to demo.
  • You have written an outline/script for the feature or topic of choice.

To record a screencast:

  1. Write script/outline of the form ...
  2. Practice script/outline until your tongue goes numb.
  3. Perform a few practice runs using screencast software.
  4. Take 10 deep breaths.
  5. Start screencast software _ replace with favorite screencast software (e.g. recordmydesktop).
  6. Perform script/outline.
  7. Stop screencast software.
  8. Optional: Change output into a high resolution flv
    1. Screencast will have saved video/audio as an .ogg/.mp3/etc file.
  9. Optional: Convert or compress raw audio/video file before uploading (if possible).
  10. Log into (or another video sharing website).
  11. Upload your screencast (.ogg) to a web sharing site (e.g.
  12. Upload your screencast to a web sharing site (
  13. Upload your screencast to an openmrs server for archiving/backup purposes
  14. Link to the screencast from a page on the wiki.

Sample Script/Outline

( could someone add a sample script here )