2024 Implementers Conference

Save the Date! September 9-13, 2024 in Nairobi, Kenya.

This is a great opportunity to connect with fellow OpenMRS implementers, share best practices, and learn about the latest developments in the platform.

We’ll be sharing more details about the conference program, registration, and venue in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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About the Event

Kenya welcomes you to this years' OpenMRS implementers' annual meeting!

This year's theme is:

Leveraging Open innovation to accelerate UHC(Universal Health Coverage).

This is the 15th in-person OpenMRS Implementers’ conference, the 9th in Africa and the 3rd to be held in Kenya at the Argyle Grand Hotel, Nairobi Airport.

This year Kenya is looking into bringing all the community members together to share and demonstrate how OpenMRS implementations can be used to accelerate Universal Health Coverage. The conference will explore topics on collaboration, standards and interoperability and delivering comprehensive care.

The conference will also aim to highlight all the different initiatives that are taking place in the community such the O3 developments and the series of hackathons that have taken place over the course of this year. 

The 2024 Conference Program will kick off with a hackathon which will be followed by the official opening of the conference. There will also be “unconferencing” session, panel discussion(Fish bowl), lighting talks and site visits.


The conference aims to achieve the following:

  1. Leveraging OpenMRS to deliver comprehensive, person-centered care at scale.
  2. Implementing OpenMRS solutions that adhere to standards for interoperability.
  3. Using structured collaboration to share, reuse, and enhance OpenMRS.

Who Should Attend and Why

  • People new to OpenMRS who want to connect to others using the platform around the world
  • eHealth Leaders and Public Health or ICT decision-makers who want to learn more about OpenMRS
  • OpenMRS Implementers who want to share their experiences and learn from others. Share your best practices from implementations.
  • OpenMRS Developers – anyone building systems to integrate with or extend OpenMRS. Collaborate and improve your technical skills in OpenMRS.
  • Health practitioners - healthcare staff are why we're here! Propose and prioritize your top features for future releases of the software.
  • Health researchers and publishers - connect with other researchers from around the globe
  • Funders in the eHealth space who want to learn more about the Community's work and meet the world-wide community!
  • People working on related health software, such as other Global Goods
  • You!


Registration is now open!!

To fully register for the conference the following is required:

  1. Register via the registration link available Here.
  2. Purchase a ticket using one of the payment options listed below.

In case you run into any problems, reach out via events@openmrs.org. 

Please note: The information collected will be mainly used in the planning of this conference, such as scholarship applications, logistical arrangements and hackathon attendance. Please ensure if travelling as a group or being sponsored by an organisation, each individual needs to register using the registration form.

The conference registration packages are as follows:-


Opening Dates



Early Bird

24th Jun 2024 to 15th Jul 2024.

USD$ 370



16th Jul  2024 to 23rd Aug 2024.

USD $ 420


Late & On-Site

24th Aug 2024 to 9th Sep 2024.

USD $ 470


Group Discounts

For organizations looking to send multiple people to the conference, the following discounts apply for the Early Bird Tickets;

  • 5% discount for groups of 5 to 10 people.
  • 10% discount for groups of 10 people and above.

Registration Fees

Purchase your tickets within the specified window if you want to take advantage of the discounted rates. For those of you that are being sponsored by your organization and aren't personally paying for your own tickets, we understand and will accommodate any challenges in payment delays.

Payment Options 


PayPal email: accounting@openmrs.org

Payment link: Pay using this link

Wire Transfers

Invoices: Send an email to accounting@openmrs.org and copy events@openmrs.org to get an invoice with the payment details.

The following information should be provided to help us generate the invoice for your team: 

  1. To whom should the invoice be addressed to.
  2. The number and names of the participants.
  3. Which ticket type(early, regular, late) you are paying for.

Wire transfers take a period of 2 weeks to reflect into our accounts. Thus once payment is done, we kindly request you to share the remittance advise as proof of payment and easy of follow up.

Wire transfers close on August 25, 2024.

Inquiries: Send an email to accounting@openmrs.org and copy events@openmrs.org

Payment (Cash on Arrival)

If you will be making cash payments after arriving at the conference, kindly write to us to let us know.




Other Exciting Events coming to Nairobi


What to Expect

Details to come!

The conference schedule has not yet been set, but usually entails the following major activities:

  • Conference Assembly / Official Launch
  • Conference Sessions
  • Unconference Sessions
  • Lightning Talks
  • Demonstrations
  • Hackathon
  • Site Visits
  • Evening Gala Dinner
  • Unconference Sessions: The conference will be structured in a semi-unconference format - each conference date will comprise with a number of pre-determined sessions/events, followed by open slots for the audience to propose sessions of their choice.

Propose Session Ideas

  • Unconference Sessions - One-hour group discussions on a topic of interest to the group. Have a suggestion for something that should be discussed in one of these sessions? Submit your session idea(s) on our Unconference Session - Talk Thread (coming soon)

  • Lightning Talks - An hour-long session where a dozen presenters each get no more than 5 minutes to stand up a present to the group. We get introduced to some of the great work the community  is doing in the lightning talk session. These are a great way to introduce work or ideas to the community to spark greater interest. If you have something you'd like to share, make sure you can fit your ideas within the strictly enforced 5-minute limit and propose your lightning talk on our Lightning Talks - Talk Thread (coming soon)

  • Demonstrations - The demonstrations session is an opportunity for people to set up a "booth" (e.g., a laptop ± any materials) in a room and demonstrate their ideas/work to small groups visiting each demonstration. You would end up giving a brief presentation multiple times to small groups of attendees with the opportunity to answer their questions and discover new collaborative opportunities. If you want to demonstrate your work, register your interest on our Demonstration - Talk Thread (coming soon)

Social Networking

If you are attending OMRS24 or wish you could but cannot and want to keep in touch with people at the conference:



Email Update List


Invitation Letters & Visas

Air travel.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport services direct connections from a number of international destinations including major air hubs in Africa, Europe and UAE. 

Invitation Letters

OpenMRS will be providing invitation letters to those who might need them. Kindly provide details for the invitation letters in the registration form.

You can also email us at events@openmrs.org and copy beryl@openmrs.org


All visitors including infants and children who intend to travel to the Republic of Kenya must have an approved Electronic Travel Authorisation (eTA) before the start of their journey.

To apply: Kenya Visa is only available online through evisa.go.ke

As an attendee to this conference and not residing in Kenya, kindly consider the visa information provided  "HERE" to guide your travelling plans.

Immigration Services Contacts

Visa inquiries;

+254 202 222 022
Email: evisa@immigration.go.ke


For more information on vaccines and medication required when travelling to Kenya, please review this link "HERE".


Argyle Grand Hotel, Nairobi Airport.

Accommodation is not part of the registration fees. 

The Conference Center is located within the Argyle Grand Hotel which is the recommended accommodation option for this years conference.

All conference attendees have a negotiated rate of $140 per night for a standard room.


To make your accommodation bookings, use the details below:

  1. Contact Person: Mary Kabata, Sales Account Manager
  2. Email: sales2@argylehotelkenya.ke or call: +254 110 555 888 /+254 707 693 609

NOTE: Indicate that you are part of the OpenMRS conference to get the negotiated rate. These rates are not same as the ones on the official booking site, therefore, send an email for booking.

Available rooms are ‘Superior’ rooms.

Incase of any questions, send an email to events@opemrs.org 

Proof of Accommodation Letters

For those applying for visas/Electronic Travel Authorisation and need proof of accommodation, the hotel provides the letters. Let them know you will need that in the booking email.

Accommodation Alternatives

In addition to the Argyle Grand Hotel, there are other accommodation alternatives that are near the Conference Center.

These include:


Event Sponsorship

Sponsorship benefits begin at $5000.00 and can be customized based on the goals and available budget of the sponsoring organization. Please contact events@openmrs.org for more information.

Sponsorship packages can include the following:

  • Complimentary conference registrations 
  • Sponsor ribbon 
  • Prominent sign recognition in conference registration area 
  • Name or logo on screen before plenary sessions
  • Named sponsor for lightning talk or cultural entertainment event 
  • Named sponsor for coffee and tea breaks
  • Recognition during keynote talks
  • Organization listed on "conference sponsor" section on website including logo and 
  • website link 
  • Logo on conference t-shirt or lanyard 

Sponsorship packages: A comprehensive tier and benefits list can be seen "HERE"

Business Sponsorship

Business sponsorship is available to those registering four participants without additional cost. If your organization is only sponsoring 3 participants, the cost will be an additional $200 USD to be a business sponsor; if only 2 participants, there is an additional cost of $300 USD; for one participant, there is an additional cost of $400. As part of your business sponsorship,  there will be an area to have a display to share information at a designated location and time during the meeting. If you are interested in this option, please contact events@OpenMRS.org.