Building an Offline-Capable Android Application for LMICs Integrated with Enhanced OpenMRS 3.0


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The aim is to develop an Android application optimized for LMIC healthcare settings, utilizing Google's Open Health Stack for offline functionality. The application will be designed to integrate seamlessly with the enhanced FHIR module of OpenMRS 3.0. This integration will enable efficient data management with capabilities for offline data collection, and two-way synchronization with OpenMRS 3.0 once connectivity is available, improving healthcare delivery in resource-limited settings.

Required Skills

  • Excellent proficiency in Kotlin programming.

  • Strong understanding of FHIR technologies.

  • Familiarity and experience with working on FHIR, Google’s Open Health Stack & OpenMRS modules

Project Rating and Length


350 hours


Main feature

The Android application will feature the ability to connect to an OpenMRS Server, allowing end-users to initially download a list of patients. This enables them to modify patient records and complete forms even when offline. Subsequently, users can synchronize these modifications with the OpenMRS Server once connectivity is restored.

Primary Features

  1. Enhanced Audit Trail: Comprehensive logging of user actions for security and auditing purposes.

  2. Configurable Patient Data Limit: Ability to customize the maximum number of downloaded patient records.

  3. Secure Data Wipe: Capability to securely wipe data from the Android App for enhanced security.

  4. Encrypted FHIR Database: Implementation of encryption for the FHIR Database on Android to safeguard patient data.

  5. Seamless Extensibility: Effortless integration for other organizations, facilitating white-label application functionality.

  6. Automated Docker-based Installation: Fully documented and automated installation process using Docker for OpenMRS/Keycloak setup.

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