2018-01-08 Project Management Meeting


Discussion items

OpenMRS Platform 2.2Wyclif Luyima
  • Need to gather the items that we wanted in 2.1.2 but didn't get in there for 2.2
  • Burke stoked Platform 2.2 Planning discussion on Talk
  • Maurya to help find release manager of Platform 2.2 once we know what 2.2 will look like
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8
  • April 2018 
  • Stephen will poke around for potential release manager within his organization
  • MPI going to be actively picked up in Feb - https://talk.openmrs.org/t/integration-with-openempi/11535/18
  • Stephen pulling list of ideas for Ref App 2.8 form OMRS17 into one list so we can flush those out more (probably after scrum of scrums)
Scrum of ScrumsDarius Jazayeri
  • Scheduled Thursday, January 11 @ 2pm UTC (9am US/ET)
  • Terry still needs to get with Darius about the format for scrum of scrums
OpenMRS Add Ons
GCIIvange Larry Ndumbe
  • End date January 17
  • Google allows selection 2 grand prize winners
  • ~150 students took on at least one task with OpenMRS


Daniel Kayiwa
  • have 12 developers
  • 6 finishing on add on manager
  • Stephen happy to do review for program enrollment attributes (someone asked about this here on Talk)
Follow up from the hackathon/conference?
PM: Task List
  • Follow up action items from the summit
  • how are we going to pull the task list from OMRS17 into the roadmap
    • Terry will present the list during the scrum of scrums
    • divide tasks into ref app or platform
  • how will we prioritize those tasks
GSoC 2018
  • 2 weeks until application closes (Jan 23)
  • Need to identify GSoC 2018 admins

Action items

  • Theresa Cullen will present the OMRS17 follow up action items during the scrum of scrum 
  • Theresa Cullen to speak with Darius about the scrum of scrum format
  • Stephen to pull list of ideas for Ref app 2.8 tom OMRS17 into one list
  • Burke Mamlin will reach out to Harsha & Kaweesi about asking for admin for GSoC 2018