2018-01-29 Project Management Meeting


  • Jamie Thomas
  • Daniel Futerman
  • Burke Mamlin
  • Sri Maurya Kummamuru
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Darius Jazayeri
  • Wyclif Luymia
  • Stephen Senkomago Musoke
  • Terry Cullen


GSoC 2018Daniel Futerman
  • Application deadline closed Jan 23
  • Jamie invited Dan Futerman to join these calls or send updates to share
  • Summer Of Code 2018
  • Suggested to divide fully thought out projects verses those that are not as flushed out - this may help those thinking to be mentors
DHIS2 IntegrationSri Maurya Kummamuru
  • James, Bob and Maurya to talk tomorrow at 10 AM EST to set up a potential sprint for Andela


Daniel Kayiwa
  • finishing AddOn Manager and release today
  • platform tickets
  • IDGEN transferring sql scripts
  • may have 4 members who could work on DHIS2 sprint if it is ready for next week
OpenMRS Platform 2.2Wyclif Luyima
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8
Scrum of ScrumsDarius Jazayeri
  • Could use a PM to find a better way to share data. (ie. formatting what people reported)
PM: Task List
GCIIvange Larry Ndumbe

Action items

  • Maurya to review DHIS2 sprint tickets with Daniel so Andela can sprint next week
  • Burke to stoke the 2.2 feature Talk post to clear up messaging
  • Stephen will see if he can get Samuel and Irene a desk so they can work on release for Platform 2.2