2018-02-05 Project Management Meeting (2)



Internships: GSoC 2018Daniel Futerman
  • Some work done to refine projects
  • Google to announce accepted organizations next week
  • Expect increased activity assuming good news next week
  • Student applications 12-27 March
Internships: Rails Girls Summer of CodeDaniel Kayiwa
  • Daniel's project accepted for multiple concepts per classes

Internships: Andela

Daniel Kayiwa
  • 5 new devs (with 2 leaving, will have 13 total)
  • New devs tend to prefer javascript > java work
  • Considering DHIS2 vs Platform 2.2 tickets
    • Could also consider helping in refactoring login & landing page into javascript + REST
    • Consider asking module owners re: wanting help to convert UI to javascript + REST
  • Publicize contributions of Andela
  • Working through release process for OWAs with raff
OpenMRS Platform 2.2
  • Reviewed road map
  • Stephen will udpate
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    with details about making Platform approach to bundling OWAs to match what we do with the SDK.
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8
  • Stephen has started spamming everyone with requests for features
  • Consider asking for release manager for Ref App 2.8 release manager (goal is to identify someone 8 weeks before April release)
Scrum of ScrumsDarius Jazayeri
  • Next SoS is 11 April
PM: Task List

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