2018-03-19 Project Management Meeting


  • Daniel Futerman

  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Wyclif Luyima

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Internships: GSoC 2018Daniel Futerman

Students are submitting proposals. Some projects are getting more attention than others. Some projects are good quality while others need some more work. Proposal submission deadline is next week. Some projects are complex, others are straight forward, while others have well defined scope. All projects, expect one, have primary mentors. We have two bahmni projects for the first time. There has been more responses for Outreachy and Rails for bahmni than their corresponding GSoC projects. Two or three projects without backup mentors. One project has a primary mentor who will be on leave for a month, so looking for how to deal with this. Google does not require a backup mentor, though highly recommended. Deadline for primary mentor assignment is by end of next week, in the sense that we shall not get a slot for such a project. Daniel Futerman is in touch with Darius to see if he can become that missing primary mentor. Wyclif is taking up a project, as primary mentor, of resetting one's password by email. This is going to be added as a new project to the GSoC project list.

Internships: Rails Girls Summer of CodeDaniel Kayiwa

Reviewed the applications and selected a preferred one. Waiting for the program managers for the next steps. They are the ones who make the final call on who gets selected.

Internships: Andela

Daniel Kayiwa

Two sprints are ongoing for the Andela apprentices. Progress is still slow because of being new to the project. But we hope that with time, they will catch up.

Andela asked if we can give the apprentices half Java tasks and the other half JavaScript. That way, they can advance as both Java and JavaScript experts. Daniel Kayiwa said yes to this because we have both kinds of work in the community.

OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8
  • Stephen can not join today but says he recommended selecting Juliet Wamalwa as the Ref App 2.8 Release Manager to recommended to Maurya
  • Stephen would like to get schedule a design forum to talk about Ref App features. (Jamie suggested next Wednesday (3/28) as Monday is booked for OCL)  
OpenMRS Platform 2.2Samuel was finally granted the necessary permissions to access various resources as required by the release manager. He asked to have the next two weeks off as he writes his exams. This looks fine since there is not that much he needs to do for now other than watching for progress and do the needful for the various platform 2.2 release features.

Action items