2018-05-07 Project Management Meeting


Discussion items

Project Activities Spreadsheet

Internships: GSoC 2018
  • GSoC 2018 Introductions
  • sent out call to get blogs set up
  • following up with Jeff about plant.openmrs.org
  • also trying to get feedback from students on how they heard about this opportunity
  • Need to follow up with Wyclif on his student
  • coding begins next week
  • Dan will be traveling next week so not able to join the call
Internships: Rails Girls Summer of Code
  • After action review of Rails application and proposal process. Anything OpenMRS can do better next year?
    • Improvement in advertisement
    • Coordinate effort around internship programs. Have team around this, reuse materials, keep track on timelines, etc.

Internships: Andela

Daniel Kayiwa
  • List of Andela Projects
  • order entry kickoff meeting today
  • OCL for OMRS will start next week
  • new developer starting tomorrow and Daniel will join him on OCL sprint so he isn't working alone (14 total)
  • 1.5 months left for the team now but there would be other groups until order entry is done
  • Prepare blog/announcement about partnering with Andela
  • Angela would like a little more exposure to Java
SolDevelo / Sync 2.0
  • Daily updates on this thread: Sync 2.0 Project daily stand-ups
  • Progress - All the Visit and most of the Encounter and Obs structures are done and currently we are into debugging / fixing local errors 
  • Blockers - Can't get a registeredcomponent for synced visit 
  • Community involvement - More input on the blocker would be helpful.
  • Expected to be ready for testing by mid-May
  • Need to think up approach for Sync to push data into the central server for Stephen to be ready to test

Jonathan Payne


  • Darius just kicked off a new volunteer development project to create an “OCL for OpenMRS” user interface
  • Rafal has continued with performance improvements for OCL that will speed up and stabilize all queries related to collections and will support much greater scale
  • All tickets have been consolidated into one GitHub repo to help us get to a place where community members can easily identify open tickets and consider contributing. Here is the repo: https://github.com/OpenConceptLab/ocl_issues/issues#boards?repos=122384560
  • PEPFAR is starting to build a new lightweight app to manage indicators and indicator mappings that uses OCL underneath — this is an interesting extension that is becoming increasingly relevant as DHIS2 users consider OCL to manage metadata


  • We do not currently have a developer dedicated to the OCL core

Community Involvement:

  • OCL is not great at community engagement and there are many ways that we could improve, from better user documentation, better technical API references, a new marketing website (e.g. based on WordPress) to let people know how to engage and where to get the software, etc.
  • If there are members of the community interested in supporting any of these activities, that would be amazing!

Question: OCL for OMRS application what documentation to be produced? Probably not from OCL itself.

OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8
OpenMRS Platform 2.2
  • June 2018 release date
  • Angela working on bundle addon manager owa
  • Will need more help from community on tickets
Sprint: Getting people to Platform 2.X
  • Sprint to help people upgrade to Platform 2.x (Mozambique tried to upgrade to Platform 2.x, but was blocked for various reasons) - Talk post
  • Darius ran into a blocker when setting up Jira board and will be working on it later today

Action items