2018-06-25 Project Management Meeting


Discussion items

Project Activities Spreadsheet

Internships: GSoC 2018

Internships: Andela

Daniel Kayiwa
SolDevelo / Sync 2.0
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.8

Stephen Senkomago Musoke and Juliet Wamalwa

OpenMRS Platform 2.2
  • Most tickets remaining are awaiting developers
  • June 2018 release date (likely will be July or August)
  • Can see where things stand on the Technical Roadmap

Discuss way to scale up JIRA infrastructure support

  • Had issues with JIRA and was able to reach out to Cintia but worry about not having a back up for her

  • Darius on vacation - back July 2?
  • Interview process for technical project manager is going well and hope to have someone soon
Next week

Action items

  • Consider a "bootcamp" to get more people up to speed with infrastructure management (e.g., terraform)
  • Leverage new CM and PM to help early on in identifying infrastructure support gaps and getting them filled
  • Find out where we stand on hiring PM