2018-07-30 Project Management Meeting


  • Jamie Thomas

  • Burke Mamlin

  • Daniel Futerman
  • Juliet Wamalwa
  • Daniel Kayiwa
  • Wyclif Luymia

Regrets: Cynthia Antwi

Discussion items

Project Activities Spreadsheet

Internships: GSoC 2018
  • one week left
  • putting together final communications
  • announcement gone out about mentor summit

Internships: Andela

Daniel Kayiwa
  • List of Andela Projects
  • 4 new students
  • 3 leaving end of this week, another will leave in a couple weeks
  • Not certain when next batch of students will be coming
SolDevelo / Sync 2.0

Jakub S?awinski

  • Daily updates on this thread: Sync 2.0 Project daily stand-ups
  • Currently waiting for digital square notice b award to restart our Sync2 involvement
  • Jake has not heard anything concrete. However, they recently started to reply to his emails, so there is a chance we will be ready to start sync 2.0 project in September.
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.9
OpenMRS Platform 2.2

  • Scrum of Scrums - Darius and Cynthia talked about what these meetings should be like and when they should take place
  • Last week todos
    • Cynthia to work with Dan on developing plan/process on how to transition work from GSoC into community development
    • Daniel to arrange intro to Cynthia for Andela /figure out appropriate engagement for Cynthia on this work
    • Stephen to do call on Talk for ref app 2.9
    • Relook at the 'technical needs' that may need core technical support 
    • Schedule scrum of scrums - Cynthia to schedule with Darius help
Next week

Action items