2018-08-27 Project Management Meeting


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Project Activities Spreadsheet

Internships: GSoC 2018
  • GSoC 2018 is officially over !!!!THANK YOU DANIEL FUTERMAN!!!!
  • Final presentations on Talk and final blog post posted
  • Design forum for after action review today (in an hour)

Internships: Andela

Daniel Kayiwa
  • List of Andela Projects
  • 4 new apprentices today (2 will join OCL team, 2 will join Order Entry team) will start work next Monday
  • Andela teams are working with product owners to set release dates
  • Cynthia Antwi planning on meeting with Daniel Kayiwa this week to discuss goals & process for Andela sprints
Sync 2.0 (SolDevelo, Jembi)

Jakub Slawinski

  • Daily updates were on this thread: Sync 2.0 Project daily stand-ups
  • SolDevelo waiting for digital square notice b award to restart our Sync2 involvement
  • Jembi is reviewing the FHIR module vs OpenMRS REST API and then plans to reach out to SolDevelo to get update on where things stand and how to move things forward
  • Daniel Futerman will ask folks leading from Jembi side to reach out to Cynthia Antwi to give her a point of contact on Jembi side for Sync work
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.9
OpenMRS Platform 2.2
  • September 2018 release date (estimate 2-3 weeks of work left on remaining tickets)
  • Can see where things stand on the Technical Roadmap
Technical Road Map Process
  • Having discussions on how to (re)define a roadmap process that will work better for the community.
    • Has spoken with Paladium
    • Talking to AMPATH this week
    • Planning to post invite on Global Health mailing list
  • Planning on getting input prior to Scrum of Scrums on 11 September.
  • Cynthia is leading effort in defining the process and is reaching out to various parties to get their input.
  • Cynthia putting a call out for volunteer business analysts this week
  • Having fun trying to reach people during the holidays (wink)
  • Goal is to have a draft document by 31 August
  • Will plan to get Doodle poll for Scrum of Scrums date out this week

  • Scrum of Scrums - scheduled for 11 or 12 September. Cynthia reaching out to organizations to join.
  • Last couple weeks of todos
    • Cynthia to work with Dan on developing plan/process on how to transition work from GSoC into community development
    • Relook at the 'technical needs' that may need core technical support 
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