2018-10-01 Project Management Meeting


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Internships: Andela

  • Daniel Kayiwa to work with Andela to better organize issues in JIRA for releases/versions so people can more easily see issues by version and, just as importantly, for future versions. Sync 2.0 is a good example. Darius' primary interest is being able to better capture & track issues across versions (even unreleased versions) in order to more clearly understand backlog, when something should be done, etc.
Sync 2.0 (SolDevelo, Jembi)

Jakub Slawinski

  • Sync 2.0 is active again (lots of activity in Talk, standups, JIRA issues being assigned)
  • FHIR mapping discussion on Talk. Design call planned Wednesday (3 Oct)
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.9
OpenMRS Platform 2.2
  • October 2018 release date (estimate less than a week of work left on remaining tickets)
  • Can see where things stand on the Technical Roadmap
    • Within a day or two of having tickets done.
  • Platform tickets were tentatively to be done last week. But still uncertain on status of a couple tickets.
Technical Road Map Process
PM tool
  • Try to look at this weekly.
  • Do we have a JIRA project for it? No.

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