2018-10-29 Project Management Meeting


Discussion items

Project Activities Spreadsheet

  • GCI page: https://om.rs/gci
  • Work has been divided into different categories to better manage resources.
  • 300 tasks completed!
  • Status is good right now
  • Update shared on OpenMRS Talk
  • There were some small challenges with plagiarism , but has now been resolved with warnings and reporting to Google.
  • Some mentors have not engaged with the platform , and Google has requested that we ensure they interact with the platform
  • Need to reduce the amount of tasks that are abandoned., The team will work to ensure they provide better support to walk students through areas where they might be blocked.

GCI Summary : https://talk.openmrs.org/t/gci-2018-lets-ready-for-the-contest-google-code-in-2018/20253/3

Internships: Andela

  • List of Andela Projects OCL and Order entry
  • As of 22 Oct, there were 9 apprentices working on 2 projects (OCL & Order Entry)
Sync 2.0 (SolDevelo, Jembi)

Jakub Slawinski

  • Reached out to Jakub and awaiting feedback on how best to support them to report better.
  • update the wiki project page with reasonable frequency
  • A summary page of what sync 2.0 is and a visual way of presenting project progress.
OpenMRS Reference Application 2.9
  • Cynthia Antwi will reach out to Stephen and Reuben to find out the way forward since there was no one give the feedback .
OpenMRS Platform 2.2
  • Ticket testing for platform 2.2 has began and 1 ticket is already closed.
  • Samuel took upon himself to work on one of the tickets.
  • There are some tickets which failed after testing and so they have been bumped off.
  • Samuel Male to reach out on a member from PIH to test on some tickets.
  • Daniel Kayiwa confirmed that Samuel has done his best its him delaying him because of multitasking but he promises to finish his ticket too.
  • Daniel Kayiwa will unassign himself from IDGEN-42 - Getting issue details... STATUS because he is too busy to finish.
  • Irene Nyakate will follow up with Fred to get an update and get back to Cynthia Antwi asap

  • Cynthia Antwi to reach out to Daniel Kayiwa to see if PLAT-30 - Getting issue details... STATUS can be closed (PR merged, ticket last updated June 2018). If there is more work to be done, let's define it. If not, let's close ticket.
Technical Road Map Process

PM tool
  • We could use some more intro tickets

Next week

Action items