2019-10- 21 Project Management Meeting

Cynthia Antwi

Daniel Kayiwa

Jennifer Antilla


Moses Mutesasira

tendo kiiza Martyn

Discussion items

Project Activities Spreadsheet


OCL for OpenMRS

Cynthia Antwi


  • OCL MVP is on a staging server. Started on end-to-end testing. This can resume after the Uganda EMR hackathon.
  • Also need someone to work with a country implementation (Kenya, Nigeria) on change management/converting to OCL for OpenMRS. This will help with adoption.
  • Need to form an OCL Squad to work on OCL MVP+
  • Squad members to include domain expert/product owners (Andy, Jonathan, Darius), Lead/PM to coordinate with release managers and product owners, and 2-3 dedicated devs.
OpenMRS Reference 2.10
OpenMRS Platform 2.3

Documentation Review 2019

GSoD 2019

  • More project details can be found here
  • Daily scrums are available here.
  • No one seems blocked
  • Wiki - much more work has been done than is apparent in the Talk thread. Possibility of scheduling a Design Forum to share and talk through what he has done.
  • Organization application is due on October 28
  • @suthagar23 offered to be Admin, have had 3 people offer to be co-admin
  • Aim to complete application by Friday, 25 October. Hard deadline to Google is Monday, 28 October
  • Once selected, we can begin identifying tasks

Microfrontend SquadUpdates every 2 weeks


  • The team is getting bigger
  • High volume of PRs being made, merged
  • Lack of input on frontend design
    • Greg has shared some designs on Talk and Slack. Feedback from Burke on Talk, MF Squad and some in UX Advisory group in Slack.
    • Design forum presenting initial designs.
    • Those attending MF Squad meetings were encouraged to identify someone who could provide feedback and saw some initial feedback
  • To do: Provide a summary of what has been done so far, demo their work during a call, Design Forum
PM tool

Include the CGI program in the Agenda moving forward
Next week

Action items