Strategy and Operations Meetings

Strategy and Operations Team Conference Call

This weekly call is a time for leaders in the OpenMRS community to come together and discuss the progress of the organization and current events in the global, open source community. Who makes up the leadership group? This group is composed of members in the OpenMRS community that 1) serve in a leadership capacity and 2) dedicate a significant amount of their time in service of other members in the OpenMRS community.

If you are interested to join the strategy and operations conference call, contact Jennifer Antilla .

Strategy and Operations Team Action Items

A running list of action items assigned during our weekly Strategy and Operations Team calls can be seen here.

Project Management Call

The purpose of this call is to make sure that weekly work activities are on schedule (discuss any blockers to project progress, provide project status updates, discuss new collaborations with organizations, etc.)

Annual Strategy and Operations Meeting

The annual meeting is an in-person meeting amongst the OpenMRS leaders with a primary focus to outline the next year's operations for the OpenMRS organization.