2015 Implementers Meeting

Implementers Meeting 2015

27 January - 1 February 2015
Universidade Eduardo Mondlane
Maputo, Mozambique

About the event

The theme of this meeting was:  “Building Quality Systems, Delivering Useful Data”

  1. Quality through collaboration: Organizing a local openmrs community for supporting multi-organization approaches to development, implementation, and support: sharing the work and finding common ground

  2. Building quality systems: Quality approaches to designing, developing, and testing software

  3. Delivering quality data: Assessing and monitoring  data quality

  4. Delivering useful data: Interoperability within facility-level and in national-level architectures


  1. To demonstrate how Mozambique is using a multi-partner and multi-funded approach to develop, implement, and support a national implementation of OpenMRS.

  2. To expand the OpenMRS community practices to support quality assurance processes (i.e. release testing, stakeholder acceptance testing, module gardening team, etc.)

  3. To identify the ways to measure a “successful high quality implementation” of OpenMRS and why it is important to go beyond just software development features and bug fixes.

  4. To understand ways in which OpenMRS outputs can be used to positively impact the quality of clinical care and the quality of programs that support care.

Who should attend

  • People new to OpenMRS who want to connect to others using the platform around the world
  • Experienced OpenMRS implementers who want to share their experiences and learn from others
  • OpenMRS platform developers - anyone building systems to integrate with or extend OpenMRS
  • Developers of related health and healthcare application software
  • You!


We have prepared an initial framework schedule for the event. As with any unconference, the schedule is subject to change before and during the event. Visit and bookmark http://lanyrd.com/2015/moz15/ for the current schedule.

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