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The pages that are outdated live under this title.

Training is a crucial part of the continuity of any program and this is why the training materials such as ;  training plans, presentations and  manuals  here are vital resources  for  the OpenMRS community.

On this page lives a wide range of materials that includes information that can be useful whilst carrying out an outreach to recruit new members or when training people to use the openmrs.

This link connects you to OpenMRS manuals,  training plan for OpenMRs as well as details of the sessions and presentations and their links: Health IT and OpenMRS, OpenMRS and API, Module Development, Developer's guidelines, OpenMRS development community.

This folder includes copies of slideshow presentations on select topics. For practical-based sessions where we didn’t use slideshow presentations, the session outline and aims were documented 

  - This presentation by Daniel Futerman of  Jembi Health Systems done in November,     2017 gives you an insight of  how openMRS can be used in creating different programs for to achieve various goals. 

  • OpenMRS Training Plan

    This includes a set of over 55 proposed training topics, an overview of the curriculum, as well as a proposed schedule for training various users such as administrators and the technical staff on setting up, managing and evaluating the OpenMRS system.   

    Training Spaces

    This was the collaborative set of notes that were taken throughout the 2017 Implementers' training (a lot of the info in here could be improved by pulling it out into a more structured, reusable format).

  • OpenMRS Developer Training Week 8-12 February-2010

This page contains the training program that occurred in February, 2010 by the Regenstrief Institute at 410 W. 10th Street, Indianapolis, IN, USA. It also has items that are useful to consider if are planning a training event.  These include: how the flow of events happen in the program, participation survey, prerequisites for attendees, how to participate remotely and Frequently Asked Questions at such events

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