Community Development Leader


The Community Development Leader is an individual responsible for ensuring OpenMRS Community developers, from newcomers to experienced developers, are happy and successful and that they're able to effectively and meaningfully contribute to OpenMRS development.


  • Dedication to the OpenMRS mission, vision, and values
  • Strong programming skills/experience relevant to OpenMRS programming
  • Good communication skills and ability to interact effectively with people from diverse cultures
  • Enough available, dedicated time to fulfill responsibilities


  • Chief advocate for developer experience
    • Developer Tools – the time it takes to get started
    • Continuous Integration – the confidence a developer has that her changes won't break things
    • Developer Documentation – access to a useful Developer Guide, API documentation, etc.
    • Developer Community Tools – ease of finding and communicating effectively with other devlepers
    • Cheerleading – how the developer & broader community knows about tickets closed, votes satisfied, and notable contributions
  • Overseeing the application of OpenMRS Developer Stages
  • Ensuring we always have an identified Release Manager for our Platform and Reference Application and that they are meeting community expectations
  • Defining and ensuring goals are met for community development
    • Response to pull requests
    • Response to bugs
    • Response to development-related Talk topics