Platform 2.5.0-alpha Release Notes

Release Date: , October 4, 2021(to be extended)

This version of the OpenMRS Platform is a pre-release and is not ready for production use. Its purpose is to give users an idea of what to expect in the upcoming release and help discover any possible obscure new bugs.

What's New

Some interesting features in the 2.5 line will be:


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Feedback Welcome!

As always, we look forward to getting your feedback about this release. Share your thoughts on

For example there are a couple of significant features that still need significant work before making it into the final release, such as:

Data Model Changes since 2.4.0

  • Delete non-null constraint from column cohort_member.start_date
  • Adding "form_namespace_and_path" column to encounter_diagnosis table
  • Adding "form_namespace_and_path" column to the allergy table
  • Adding 'encounter_id' column to the allergy table
  • Adding "form_namespace_and_path" column to the orders table
  • Adding "form_namespace_and_path" column to the patient_state table
  • Adding 'encounter_id' column to the patient_state table
  • Increasing from VARCHAR(100) to VARCHAR(255)
  • Changing user_property.property_value from VARCHAR(255) to LONGTEXT
  • Creating order_attribute_type table
  • Creating order_attribute table
  • Create order_referral table
  • Introduce location column to test_order table

Priority Ticket Statuses at the time of the Alpha release

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