Platform 2.5.0-beta.3 Release Notes

This version of OpenMRS Platform is a prerelease and not considered worthy for production use. It contains additional features to 2.5.0-beta

What's New

OpenMRS Platform 2.5.0-beta.3 is the third pre-release for testing, leading up to an eventual release of Platform 2.5.0 in 2021.

 You can download Platform 2.5.0 Beta to try/test it

New Features

Deployed artifactsServer Deployment status
Platform 2.5.0-beta.3uat-refapp.openmrs.orgRunning

Data Model Changes since 2.5.0-beta

  • Creating diagnosis_attribute_type table
  • Creating diagnosis_attribute table
  • Updating foreign key user_who_changed_user to add delete CASCADE
  • Renaming column rank to dx_rank because rank is a reserved word in MySQL 8.0.2 and later

Priority Ticket Statuses at the time of the Beta.3 release

key summary type created updated due assignee reporter priority status resolution

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