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Facilitators and Barriers of Electronic Medical Records Systems Implementation in Low Resource Settings: A Holistic View.

Ngugi, P., Were, M. C., & Babic, A.


Development of standard indicators to assess use of electronic health record systems implemented in low-and medium-income countries.

Ngugi, P., Babic, A., Kariuki, J., Santas, X., Naanyu, V., & Were, M


Assessment of HIV Data Reporting Performance by Facilities During EMR Systems Implementations in Kenya.

Ngugi, P. N., Gesicho, M. B., Babic, A., & Were, M. C.


A multivariate statistical evaluation of actual use of electronic health record systems implementations in Kenya

Ngugi, P., Babic, A., & Were, M. C. 


Users’ perception on factors contributing to electronic medical records systems use: a focus group discussion study in healthcare facilities setting in Kenya.

Ngugi, P. N., Were, M. C., & Babic, A. 


A clinical decision support system is associated with reduced loss to follow-up among patients receiving HIV treatment in Kenya: a cluster randomized trial.Oluoch, T., Cornet, R., Muthusi, etal2021

QualitativeMethodological consideration of story telling in qualitative research involving Indigenous Peoples. Global Health Promotion. Bird, S. et al.2009

QualitativeUsing grounded theory for theory building in operations management research: a study on inter-firm relationship governance. International Journal of Operations & Production Management.30, pp.232-259. Binder, M. and Edwards, J.S.2010

General Purpose / Background 

  • WHO Evaluation Tool
  • General purpose guides

Evaluation Tools

  • General Study Design
    • When to apply specific study design: depending on question, system maturity
    • Compare across sites
    • Before and After (pre/post)
    • Co-creating implementation evaluation indicators with end users
    • Randomized Control Trial
  • Usability Tools:
    • SUS
    • User Testing:
      • Think Aloud
      • A/B Testing
  • Clinical Process Metrics (supported by EHRs)
    • Efficiency / Time measurements
    • Patient Waiting Time
    • Medication timeliness 
    • Patient Retention In care / Lost to Follow-up Tracking 
    • Patient Care
      • Knowledge of patient to support clinical care
      • Know your Clients
      • Patient History
    • User Satisfaction 
  • Clinical Outcomes
    • Toxicity 
    • Medication Errors
    • Adherence to clinical guidelines
  • Patient-facing
    • Patient satisfaction 
  • Qualitative Methods
    • Constrictivist Grounded Theory approaches