Platform Release Notes 2.5.0

Release date :  22 December 2021

Theme: Making the Platform support Openmrs 3.0

Note: This platform release requires at least a minimum of Java / OpenJDK 1.8 and MySQL 5.6 and Tomcat 8.5+ to run properly.

What's New?

This release is OpenMRS Platform 2.5.0 and is a major release version of the OpenMRS API that follows 2.4.1. It contains many under-the-hood updates to have a more modern tech stack and security fixes.

Release Manager:  tendo kiiza Martyn  with support from Daniel Kayiwa 

Library upgrades

Adding support for Tomcat 8.5+ and 9

New features with bundled modules

Community Input

Special thanks goes to the following people in the work they've done to make this release a success Daniel Kayiwa  for the technical guidance , development and other aspects involved , Burke Mamlin  for his untiring support through the Platform Team and Talk , design and business analysis specifically for the features included in this release.  And the developers who worked on the various tickets Bartłomiej Rasztabiga Christopher Miiro  Antony Ojwang  Testers from the QA Team for automating Some tests Sharif Magembe Kakumirizi DaudChristine Gichuki Irene Nyakate  Juliet Wamalwa and the Entire QA Team , Grace Potma for interfacing with MFE squad , Ian Bacher  Piotr Mankowski from the Fhir squad.

Bundled Modules

  • REST Web Services v2.30.0
  • OWA v1.13.0
  • FHIR2 v1.3.0

Bundled OWAs

  • Add-on Manager

Data Model Changes since 2.4.0

  • Delete non-null constraint from column cohort_member.start_date
  • Adding "form_namespace_and_path" column to encounter_diagnosis table
  • Adding "form_namespace_and_path" column to the allergy table
  • Adding 'encounter_id' column to the allergy table
  • Adding "form_namespace_and_path" column to the orders table
  • Adding "form_namespace_and_path" column to the patient_state table
  • Adding 'encounter_id' column to the patient_state table
  • Increasing from VARCHAR(100) to VARCHAR(255)
  • Changing user_property.property_value from VARCHAR(255) to LONGTEXT
  • Creating order_attribute_type table
  • Creating order_attribute table
  • Create order_referral table
  • Introduce location column to test_order table
  • Adding type field to the Location table
  • Creating diagnosis_attribute_type table
  • Creating diagnosis_attribute table
  • Updating foreign key user_who_changed_user to add delete CASCADE
  • Renaming column rank to dx_rank because rank is a reserved word in MySQL 8.0.2 and later


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