Meeting notes 2021-12-13


Attendees: Hamish, Beth, Debbie, Ian, Steve, Tendo, Dave, Nancy


Establishing Wiki pages

  • Evaluation Project Page template
  • Eval Squad Notes page
  • Eval resources page/space set up

Squad meeting times

  • Frequency: Start bi-monthly, move to monthly
  • Tuesdays at 2pm UTC | 9am ET | 6am PT
  • Next meetings: January 11, 25

What should this squad prioritize?

  • Reviewed ideas from poll responses
  • Indicators of successful/not successful use
  • Effective use
  • Sample papers - recommended evaluation questions
  • Data sources - how do we use OpenMRS data?
  • Process evaluation
  • Provide a framework to guide people
  • “Building the capacity” through a community approach to conduct thorough evaluations within OpenMRS implementers would be useful.
  • Some implementers have it in their contracts/grants agreements to conduct evaluations. For example, the KenyaEMR team is required to conduct evaluations on very specific thematic areas of KenyaEMR
  • Would it help to have a structured survey of evaluation interests from implementers? That will help us ground the priorities from implementer perspective. The other perspective is OpenMRS central…
  • Is there also interest in the squad to pursue collaborative evaluation, eg multi country?  We may have an opportunity through TAP mechanisms
  • Evaluation that speaks about the product itself…for example, for OpenMRS 3.x, the interest is to set the reference for implementers for continuous improvements of their distributions...

What action do we want to take?

  • Repository of studies
  • Studies (a couple by the end of the year, publishable, internal?)
    • PIH: data warehouse
    • Costing
    • OpenMRS 3.x | OHRI
    • Digital health maturity models
  • Have people present studies at a squad meeting (John Black, Steve, Nancy)
    • Four people for an hour, at a squad meeting (25th?)
  • Evaluation Showcase at a virtual Spring/Summer mini-meeting