OpenMRS 3.x | OHRI Technical Overview

About this Session

OpenMRS is an open-source electronic medical record system platform that can improve quality of care and reduce health workers’ time spent managing data. Built to be interoperable with other digital solutions, the OpenMRS platform provides the technology to design and build customized EMR systems that meet the needs of health facility providers, from clinics to hospitals. Over the years, OpenMRS implementers have built out common features in their own, custom frontends, using different technologies. This has led to development happening in siloes instead of collaboratively. The OpenMRS Community is moving towards new frontend technology that will reduce barriers to sharing and collaboratively developing features. This session introduces you to the new technologies and approaches that make up the OpenMRS 3.0 Framework.

Session Objectives

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the evolution of OpenMRS technologies
  2. Describe the key components of the OpenMRS 3.0 Framework & OHRI package
  3. Discuss the difference between the 3.0 Framework, OpenMRS distributions, and packages (ie: OHRI)
  4. Identify the benefits of using OpenMRS 3.0 | OHRI technologies

Estimated Time

Up to 2 hours 15 minutes

Video (8 min)

New to OpenMRS? Watch this video and become familiar with the building blocks of the OpenMRS platform.

Webinar (50 min)

What  technologies make up the OpenMRS 3.0 Framework? What are packages? Watch this webinar.

Reading (5 min)

OpenMRS started with a modular architecture and OpenMRS modules. Now we're talking about packages. Read OpenMRS Packages: Going Beyond Modules to discover what packages are and become a part of the conversation.

Showcases (~15 min each)

Watch demos of OpenMRS 3.0  and the OHRI package.

3.0 | OHRI User Experience Showcase

HTS 1.0

Program Switcher and HTS Form 2.0

Reading (5 min)

What technologies are used to develop frontend features for OpenMRS 3.0 and OHRI? Read about the pre-requisite technologies 3.0 | OHRI developers need to know.

Join the discussion (50 min)

When: September 14 at 7:30pm IST | 5pm Nairobi | 4pm Cape Town | 2pm UTC | 10am Boston | 7am Seattle

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