2022 UX Design Conference


  • Presentation: Sharing of big pictures and ideas around the importance of design in the OpenMRS community by key individuals and experts.
  • Panel discussion: A mixed panel session to discuss and share ideas about using design conventions, processes, and output.
  • Lightning talk: Short and informative presentation around particular topics that are relevant to the community by the members and implementers.
  • Showcase: Showcase of design and best practices by the various squad and implementing countries.
  • Design workshop: Participatory design workshop around a particular challenge that the community would like to solve and create a vision for a feature that would have widespread utility in the community.

Note: Our meeting schedule is dynamic. Actual times for showcases may vary, depending on the availability of presenters.


As a community, we're committed to our values of being user and community driven. With the new OpenMRS 3 frontend, we're seeing new opportunities for collaboration on frontend features emerge - creating an opening for us to walk the talk and integrate design into our shared development process.

This conference explores how we're

Realizing the Potential of Community-Based Design

The broader objective of the conference is to raise awareness and promote the use of our community's design conventions and tools among the broader OpenMRS community and implementing organizations. The conference creates an opportunity for the countries to share best practices and will empower the implementing organizations to build the capacity of the design team.


The 2022 UX design conference aims to help everyone become a UXer!

  • Raise awareness and promote the use of user research & design among the broader OpenMRS community and implementing organizations.
  • Create an opportunity for the community to share their design work and receive practical user feedback for improvement.
  • Introduce people to design documentation and recent design activities.
  • Learn best design practices by looking at the work of different countries and implementation organizations.

This conference will explore

  • What UX Design is vs is not
  • User Research & Validation 
  • Applying Design Patterns: What every non-designer needs to know
  • How to apply this in your setting, with your team, and with the OpenMRS Community
  • Collaborative approach to design thinking through the workshop. 
  • Future opportunities to gain experience


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Lightning Talks

Interesting in presenting short and informative presentations around particular topics that are relevant to the community? Please book your slot here.


Each squad or implementer who has signed up for the showcase will have 10 minutes to share. Please sign up here.


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Wednesday, 31 August (Design Day)

Your Local Time

Time (UTC)Duration


12:00 PM10 minutes

Welcome | Opening:

Recording: https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_urwt0uza

10 minutes

What UX Design is, what it's not, and how your whole team can be involved

Recording: https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_1ahpd6bo

5 minutesWhere OpenMRS Started: Why are we investing in UX? What research & testing has happened?

12:25 PM
30 minutes

Where We're At: What every team member needs to know:

  • Introducing the new Design Documentation
  • How to follow the Design Guide
  • Critical IA patterns to follow ("Information Architecture")

5 minutesUX in Action: Experience from Cambodia: From NCD field research to synthesis and flows

5 minutesUX in Action: Experience from Uganda: Developer experience with O3 design in action, using the design system today

20 minutesQ&A

1:25 PM10 minutesBreak

5 minutes

UX in Action: Experience from Nepal: From user research to personas to grounding a whole team

Recording: https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_kg01ve6s

1:40 PM30 minutes

PANEL: How to become a UX-er with User Research & Validation

  • Things to look for when kick-starting a project. eg ideas vs validated
  • Why it's important to ask certain questions at certain times.
  • Why you need clear problem statements.
  • UX Research & Validation activities that UX designers do that everyone can build into their process.
  • Stories & examples from the real world

2:10 PM15 minutes

Activity/Workshop: Having fun together with design

Design collaboration doesn't need to be dry, or dominated by the loudest voice in the room. We'll share exercises you can do with your team, so you can enjoy the creative side of problem solving and ideation. 

20 minutes

How to apply UX Design in your team

  • What to do when you meet a new need or problem
  • How you can work UX thinking into your team's approach. Processes you can put in place today as you write code or work with others who do - here's how to use the documentation

2:45 PM15 minutesAfter Action Review & Closing

Thursday, 1 September (Quarterly Community Mini-Meeting)

Your Local Time

Time (UTC)Duration


12:00 PM15 minutes

Intro to the Day | Recognition


12:15 PM30 minutes

Lightning Talks

Recording: https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_ju53dgfp

15 minutesHarmonizing MVP EMR Requirement for country selection of EMR software

15 minutesThe basics of UX design

12:45 PM
30 minutes


Recording: https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_4w3s51q2

10 minutesNMRS User Interface Remodel

10 minutesAppointments in 3.x

10 minutesOMRS Eval Squad: Usability Studies

1:15 PM
10 minutesBreak

1:25 PM
80 minutes

Fellowship Presentation

Recording: https://iu.mediaspace.kaltura.com/media/t/1_4om5vccj

20 minutesPresentation 1: Hadijah Kyampeire

20 minutesPresentation 2: Joshua Nsereko

20 minutesPresentation 3: Tendayi Mutangadura

20 minutesOpen Floor & Discussion

2:45 PM
15 minutesAfter Action Review & Closing