Website Design Squad


The OpenMRS Website Design Squad is working on a new, branded website to tell our amazing story and clearly relay our mission with a more appropriate information pathway for our target audiences.

Current Status INACTIVE

How does this project fit in with the strategy?

Our website is often the first contact people have with our community. A new website will help us advance our community's priorities:

Visible pathways to partner and contribute to community priorities

We aim to

1)  deliver greater visibility into community direction and how they relate to trends in the ecosystem, and

2) make it easy to contribute and collaborate to the initiatives with the most meaning for contributors and impact for our clients.

Targeted, meaningful engagement

We aim to spur contributions and collaboration through targeted, meaningful engagement and communication.


Our current website, built on Wordpress, is simply out of date in terms of look + feel and content. Different audiences have a hard time knowing where to go for specific information or action. In addition to our website, we also have extensive documentation available on our Wiki, some of which overlaps or conflicts with what is available on the website.

Our website targets four key audiences:




Increase donations to

    • Support community operations
    • Enhance and maintain the product, and 
    • Provide scholarships to attend our annual implementer’s meeting
Ministry of Health
  • Raise awareness of the OpenMRS product and community
  • Select OpenMRS as the open-source EMR that best responds to their countries’ requirements
Supporting Organizations/Service Providers
  • Develop and deploy OpenMRS in a way that best aligns with their goals 
  • Contribute back to OpenMRS core
  • Raise awareness of the OpenMRS community ethos, enabling organizations to 
ContributorsDirect individuals who want to contribute their skills and knowledge to the appropriate information, resources, and opportunities. These individuals can contribute in multiple ways, from coding to documentation to design and quality assurance.

To date, we've reviewed other websites to discover what we like (and what we don't like), thought through a new IA for our new website, developed new & updated content, expanded our digital asset library, and identified a Wordpress template for our new website.

This Website Revitalization Project Description will tell you more about the project, the functionality we're looking for, and the specific phases of the project.

How to Join

The Website Design Squad has weekly calls and uses Slack for our day-to-day questions, answers, and updates.

When: Wednesdays at 10:30pm IST | 8pm Nairobi | 7pm Cape Town | 5pm UTC | 1pm Boston | 10am Seattle


Slack channel: #website-rebuild

Website Board:


Useful Tools and Tips

Meet the Members

Finally, member information. This will include the project’s leaders, or any other noteworthy members, sorted by their role and given contact information. It is important to maintain a distinction between teams and squads. All contact tables should be conveyed using the same format. Currently being used is this table below: